Due to COVID-19, we are open Tuesday- Friday 10-3pm for CURBSIDE PICKUP and DELIVERY ONLY.

Please review the DAILY MENU before calling.

Call 802-465-8081 to schedule a pick up appointment and to place your preorder.   



Grassroots Vermont offers State-wide delivery services for all of our registered patients and caregivers.  

Delivery Line:  802-465-8442 [this is a message only line]

To place a delivery order, please leave a message with: The patient’s name, Town/City where the delivery will be made, and the desired order.


  • A minimum purchase amount of $50 (excluding fee) is required.
  • Delivery orders will be taken on a first-come first-served basis. We suggest calling one week in advance for a desired delivery time. 
  • All orders and changes to orders will be finalized by 3:00pm the business day prior to scheduled delivery.  
  • Payment must be made using CASH, CHECK, or CanPay  ONLY.
  • Patients/Caregivers must have their registry card in-hand to receive their delivery. 


  • Grassroots Vermont will not tolerate any abusive behavior towards our staff. Dispensing agents have the right to refuse services to anyone, at any time, for any reason.
  • Deliveries occur during regular business hours, Monday through Friday.
  • Delivery Agents will arrive at your home in an unmarked vehicle and will act inconspicuously while on delivery routes.
  • Please keep dogs and other animals from approaching the Delivery Agent when he arrives at your home. 
  • Delivery Agent’s always utilize GPS enabled software to communicate with the dispensary about their location.
  • Please no home tours.

Delivery fees are based on distance between Grassroots and the physical address of the patient or caregiver. 

$5    for 0-20 miles

$10  for 20-30 miles

$15  for 30-50 miles

$20  for 50+ miles

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