Switch to Grassroots Vermont

Grassroots is the “other” dispensary. We are not the dispensary that has been making the recent news about mold and other strange things.

We are the dispensary that has quietly been doing great work for Vermont residents since 2013. We care. We are compassionate. We know quality.

Here are the top reasons to switch to Grassroots Vermont as your dispensary:

  1. Best quality product in Vermont
  2. Only dispensary to do 3rd party testing
  3. Most strain choices in cured flower in Vermont
  4. Lowest per gram prices in Vermont
  5. Statewide delivery
  6. Pure vape carts with wide strain selection
  7. We reimburse your switch fee (switch in 7 days)
  8. Competent, knowledgeable, compassionate staff
  9. Appointments 7 days per week
  10. Earn $25 in product for every referral


Why wait? Change now!

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